How do I change a backer’s pledge level?

If a backer pledged for certain items but accidentally chose not to receive one of the items or otherwise wants to change their pledge level, you can change their pledge level for them.  

Change Pledge Level for Individual Backer

Change Pledge Level for Backers in Bulk

How to change pledge level for individual backer

  1. On the menu on the left, click Backers.
  2. Search for the backer by their name, email address, notes, or pledge ID.
  3. When you find the backer, click their name.
  4. Under Pledge Level, in the Pledge Level selected box, select the correct pledge level.
  5. Click Save.

How to change pledge level for backers in bulk

  1. On the menu on the left, click Segments.
  2. Create a segment of backers using filter> Backers: emails or IDs and save the segment.
  3. Click into Segment Actions tab
  4. Select the pledge level to switch backers into using segment action: Change to a New Pledge Level
  5. Click on Change Pledge Level. 
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