How do I set up Add-on shipping profiles?

This article will outline how to set up BackerKit's shipping profiles to collect shipping for add-ons purchased in BackerKit.

Note: If you want to learn about region hiding, please click here.

Setting Up Shipping Profiles

Shipping Profiles are a group of shipping rules for various "Regions" that can be used across multiple add-ons to streamline the setup process for projects with a large number of add-ons. Each "Region" is customizable, allowing you to be as broad, or as detailed as you would like when collecting shipping costs from Backers. 

With Shipping Profiles, you can collect shipping fees based on a per-item rate, a "quantity of add-ons" selected rate, a rate based on the weight of the SKUs selected as add-ons, or a rate based on the weight of all SKUs in a backer's cart. 

If you are interested in setting shipping fees for each pledge level, you can head here: Pledge Level Shipping Fees. If you would like a more detailed breakdown of which profile type might be best for you, click here: How to Choose a Shipping Profile Structure.

Example 1: Quantity-based shipping profile
You can charge a flat fee for all add-ons in their order

Example 2: Weight-based shipping profile 
You can charge a specific fee based on the cumulative weight of the SKUs in their order

Note: The default option is oz, if your shipping quotes are in kg, please reach out to requesting to switch too kg.

Example 3: Per-Item Shipping Fee
You can charge a set amount for each add-on selected.

How to set up shipping profiles:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Add Shipping Fees.
  2. Click the Create A New Shipping Profile option.
  3. Choose which add-ons should be associated with this shipping profile.
  4. Enter a name for the table and choose which type of shipping profile you would like to use. Learn more about which table to choose here. 

    Note: Backers will not see the shipping table name.

  5. Click Next.
  6. If necessary, create a list of countries that require distinct shipping fees:
    1. Under Shipping Regions, click New Shipping Region.
    2. Under New shipping region, enter a name for the region and add the countries that fall within that region.
  7. Under Regions, click Add a shipping region and select the regions where this shipping table applies.
    1. Add shipping rules for the additional shipping costs you want to charge.
    2. Click +Add Rule

Tip: Leaving the last max range blank (infinity) ensures that backers are always charged the maxed range for larger order sizes. If the last max range isn't blank, and a backer goes over that range, they won't be charged shipping.

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