Can I create new pledge levels?

After your campaign ends, you may want to allow your backers to switch to a different pledge level so they have the opportunity to purchase more of your items. You may even want to create new pledge levels that you didn’t offer during your campaign.

Important: You should create any new pledge levels before you send your survey.

To create a new pledge level:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Pledge Levels.
  2. At the top of the screen, click the Advanced link.
  3. Click Add pledge level.
  4. Create a price and description for your new pledge level.
  5. Add any shipping fees.
  6. Specify if you want to send a survey and collect shipping addresses for this pledge level.
  7. Under Survey settings, for the Switch to this Pledge Level option, click Yes.
  8. Add any special instructions.
  9. Choose the add-on items available to this pledge level.
  10. Click Save.

Note: You can allow backers to switch between different pledge levels. For more information, see Can I change the settings for all my pledge levels?

Depending on your settings, backers can switch to higher or lower-cost pledge levels. If a backer switches to a lower-cost pledge level, they are not refunded the difference. Instead, the backer receives a credit for the difference between their initial pledge and the new pledge level to spend on add-on items.

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