Why was my credit card declined?

Payment declined, what do I do?

The most common reason your credit or debit card is declining is due to your bank blocking the charge. If your card declines, we suggest calling your bank first to find out if they are blocking the transaction. 

This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Creator's Stripe account is brand new (most common). Every project creator must have their own payments account, so your bank might flag the transaction as suspicious because of the account is too new.
  • Creator's Stripe account is not in the same country as your bank (Crowdfunding is International!)
  • Category of the charge (crowdfunding)

Your credit card may be declined if something recently happened with your card, such as your credit card number was used fraudulently. Please call your bank to make sure your card is in working order. 

What payments processor does BackerKit use?

BackerKit uses the popular online payments processor Stripe to process credit card transactions. Stripe is used by hundreds of online retailers such as Amazon, Google and Instacart to name a few. Stripe works to provide secure payment processing, which means it tries to ensure that all credit card transactions are legitimate. This level of security is designed to protect your financial data, but can occasionally lead to legitimate payments being declined.

Common decline codes (Stripe Help Article):

  • do_not_honor - The card has been declined for an unknown reason. The customer needs to contact their card issuer for more information.
  • incorrect_number - The card number is incorrect. The customer should try again using the correct card number.
  • incorrect_cvc - The CVC number is incorrect. The customer should try again using the correct CVC.
  • processing_error - An error occurred while processing the card. The payment should be attempted again. If it still cannot be processed, try again later.
  • transaction_not_allowed - The card has been declined for an unknown reason. The customer needs to contact their card issuer for more information.

Why is the survey not accepting my credit/debit card?

If your credit card is not being saved properly to your survey, meaning you cannot complete your survey or the 'Place Order' button gives an error, your browser might be causing the error. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Which web browser are you using? (Chrome/Safari/IE/Mozilla) - BackerKit is optimized for Chrome. Try changing browsers. 
What device are you using? (mobile/tablet/PC) - Try switching devices. If you are on mobile, try opening the survey on your computer.

  • Would you be able to switch devices and browsers? 
  • Clear your cache and cookies in your browser?
  • Try turning off your auto-fill for payments within your browser?
  • Use an incognito/private window in your browser to re-enter payment?
  • Try a different card?

If you believe the issue with processing your payment is related to BackerKit, contact the BackerKit Support team and we’ll help you finalize your payment.

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