How do I duplicate add-ons and set visibility?

Duplicating add-ons is necessary if you need to set up a unique price for the same item based on pledge levels (early bird vs. standard pledge levels vs. pre-orders) or if you need to charge different shipping fees based on pledge levels: '$1 No Reward pledge level / Pre-order' vs. 'Reward pledge levels' vs. 'Retailer pledge levels' or any combination. 

Note: If you are charging different shipping fees for duplicated add-ons, please set up those profiles on the Add Shipping Fees page.

For help on how to set up shipping profiles, check out these help articles: How do I set up shipping profiles? and How to choose a shipping profile

Steps on How To Duplicate Add-ons: 

  1. On the menu on the left, click Customize Add-ons
  2. On the add-on you’d like to duplicate, click Duplicate.

  1. Update Price* field if you are charging different price for the same add-on.

  1. Update shipping profile by select a new shipping profile under Select a shipping a profile

  1. Adjust Who gets to see this add-on? to customize the visibility of the add-on for different pledge levels.

After you have duplicated the add-on, be sure to click Edit on the original add-on and deselect pledge levels that you have chosen on the duplicated copy. This can be done under Who gets to see this add-on?

Now you are selling the same add-on at different prices and/or are charging different shipping fees, or both. 

Pro tip: Creators often duplicate add-ons to create a $1 No Reward and Pre-order store version so they can charge different shipping fees because backers in the $1 No Reward pledge level and the Pre-order Store are coming into the survey without having paid a “pledge level shipping fee”.  

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