How to easily duplicate add-ons?

Duplicating your add-ons is necessary if you are needing to set up a unique price for the same item based on pledge levels (early bird vs. standard pledge levels) or if you are needing to charge different shipping fees based on pledge levels ($1 No Reward pledge level/Pre-order vs. Reward pledge levels) or both. 

Note: If you are charging different shipping fees for the same add-on, please make sure that the add-on shipping profiles are set up in Add Shipping Fees on the menu on the left beforehand so you can select the correct shipping profile for each duplicated copy of the add-on. For help on how to set up shipping profiles, check out these help articles: How do I set up shipping profiles? and How to choose a shipping profile

Duplicating your add-ons can be done in 5 simple steps: 

  1. On the menu on the left, click Customize Add-ons
  2. On the add-on you’d like to duplicate, click Duplicate.

  1. Update Price* field if you are charging different price for the same add-on.

  1. Update shipping profile by select a new shipping profile under Select a shipping a profile

  1. Adjust Who gets to see this add-on? to customize the visibility of the add-on for different pledge levels.

After you have duplicated the add-on, be sure to click Edit on the original add-on and deselect pledge levels that you have chosen on the duplicated copy. This can be done under Who gets to see this add-on?

Now you are selling the same add-on at different prices and/or are charging different shipping fees, or both. 

Pro tip: Creators often duplicate their add-ons to create a $1 No Reward and Pre-order store version so they can charge different shipping fees because backers from $1 No Reward pledge level and the Pre-order Store are coming into the survey without having had to pay for “pledge level shipping”.  

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