Integrations: How do I integrate with Easyship?

To fulfill your orders with Easyship, use the following instructions to set up your integration:

In BackerKit, using the Take Action timeline, click into Start Shipping or click on Fulfillment> Fulfillment Integrations page from Tools section. 

  1. Select Fulfillment Integration.
  2. Click the Connect to Services tab.
  3. Click Add New Connection.
  4. Select Easyship as your fulfillment service.

In Easyship: 

  1. After logging into Easyship, click Connect> New Integration on the left navigation bar.
  2. On the bottom of the integration page click "API Integration".
  3. Set the name to "BackerKit".
  4. Click on "Production" and copy the access token into BackerKit and click save.

Next, you would need to make sure that a few things are aligned between your BackerKit and Easyship so they can talk to each other and transfer data between the platforms properly. 

  • In BackerKit on “SKUs” page (Under section “MORE” -- SKUs), make sure that all shippable SKUs have a Custom Value, it cannot be “0”. 

  • In Easyship, make sure to upload all shippable SKUs into the “Product listing” (Easyship Dashboard (lefthand side) — Product Listing) with dimensions and weights filled along with product category of the SKUs. 
    • Product Category is required on each item for shipping purposes as you must declare the type of item for international orders. Some countries have a restricted items list, so please do your research before shipping rewards. 
  • In Easyship, make sure that all shippable SKUs used in BackerKit have an identical matching item in Easyship.
  • In Easyship, make sure that the “Product Description” matches the “Item Name” in BackerKit. 
  • In Easyship, make sure that the item weights match the SKU weights in BackerKit. 
    • You may need to convert ounces into pounds in Easyship

After successfully connecting your Easyship account in BackerKit, be sure to run the following tests to ensure that the connection is successful. 

  1. Click Test Connection.
  2. Click Send Test Order.
    1. This will add all Shippable SKUs to the TEST BACKER order and push over to Easyship
  3. In Easyship, on the lefthand side, click 'Create Shipments' to see the orders that have been pushed from BackerKit.
    1. Please note, the Test Order will not appear in your EasyShip. If successfully 'pushed', BackerKit will display a Result 200 denoting it was successful.

If you encounter any error, review the following: 

  • "Result 200" - This error means OK and the test order was pushed. 
  • Customs Value for all shippable SKUs in BackerKit 
  • SKUs used in BackerKit match SKUs in Easyship
  • Product Categories are set up in Easyship
  • Product Descriptions in Easyship match Item Name in BackerKit (check SKUs page) 

If you have any questions, please reach out ( contact us) for help. For more information on how to use a fulfillment integration, click here

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