How to Set Up Tax Rules & Add VAT Number

This tax feature allows you to charge an additional percentage based on the total cost of the backer's pledge level PLUS the cost of any add-ons selected in BackerKit (minus shipping). Currently, you can charge based on the country and/or US state. 

Note: If you'd like to have Taxes/VAT applied to only your add-ons and not your pledge levels, this is possible. Please go into the edit of the pledge level(s) itself and uncheck the, "Is taxable" box.

To estimate potential taxes you may incur for international shipping, you can visit

1. To use the feature, click "Tax Rules" on the sidebar. 

2. Click "New Tax Rule" in the right-hand corner.

3. Select a country and apply a percentage. 

4. Click "Create Tax Rule" to save. 

You can also add your VAT number and VAT address in this section. 

Once inputted, your VAT number & address will show up on your pack list as well as the backers confirmation screen and email. 

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