Managing Kickstarter Add-ons with BackerKit

If you sold add-ons via Kickstarters add-on feature, we will be able to manage these items in BackerKit. 
Once you campaign concludes (Within 24 hours), we will fetch those add-ons that were sold in Kickstarter and create them in BackerKit. We will also inject these into the backers carts that ordered them and will lock them so that they cannot be modified within the cart by the backer. 
You will see a note while setting up to add in SKUs and/or add-on question to these add-ons. If the add-on does not require any choices (color, size, style, etc.) you can simply add in the SKU to that add-on. If the add-on requires a choice to be made, you will need to create and attach an add-on question to gather these choices. 
But first, I would highly recommend setting up all of the items you wish to offer your backers through the survey using the items generator (which will create the SKUs in the system) and then add in the SKUs to these add-ons. For an overview of the Item Generator, see  How do I set up items in BackerKit? To learn more about SKUs see Overview: SKUs
Its best to keep these KS add-ons separate but you can use the same SKUs across both items. This will help you keep track of add-ons sold through BackerKit vs KickStarter. It's also beneficial in cases where you may have exclusive offerings in Kickstarter vs BackerKit.
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