How do I charge credit cards?

After you lock orders, your backers will move into the  Charge Cards stage. In this stage, you can run the cards on file for any funds raised in BackerKit. This would include any funds owed for add-on purchases, pledge level upgrades, fixed failed payments, or any shipping fees collected in BackerKit.

Pro Tip: Charge cards close to your shipping date, and no more than 30 days before shipping, to avoid processing refunds and chargebacks. It's always encouraged to post a project update prior to charging cards in order to give your backers the heads up. 

To charge cards:

Click into the "Charge Cards" bucket within your take action timeline:

From here- you will be able to charge cards for the original campaign backers as well as any pre-order backers with a click of a button.

Please note: If a credit card is declined, backers are sent an email reminder (like this) to update their card automatically. The new card will be charged as soon as they are updated.

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