How do I mark orders as shipped?

After you fulfill a backer’s entire order, you can mark their order status as shipped to show their order is complete.

Mark Orders as Shipped for Individual Backers

Mark Orders as Shipped via Tracking Number Upload (with tracking number)

Mark Orders as Shipped via Segments (without tracking number)

Note: Only backers whose order state is "ready to ship" will be marked as shipped.

Mark orders as shipped for individual backers

To mark orders as shipped for individual backers:

  1. Search for the backer by their name, email address, notes, or pledge ID using the search bar at the top of your project page. 
  2. When you find the backer, click their name.
  3. Under the status, click Mark as Fulfilled (the backer will need to be in a ready to fulfill status)

Mark Orders as Shipped for group of backers via Tracking Number Upload (with tracking number)

  1. On the left sidebar, click Fulfillment.
  2. In the top right corner click on the Switch Fulfillment Method drop down and select Exports.
  3. From there you have the choice to select a segment to export using the Tracking Number Upload Template (download as .CSV). If you already have an export of your tracking info, you can skip to step 5. 
  4. Once exported, you can fill in the Tracking Numbers, Carrier Information (optional) and Tracking URL (optional).
  5. Under Upload Tracking Numbers, click Upload CSV File and choose the template you filled in or a Comma-Separated Value File (.csv) that contains the tracking number for each backer's order. 
  6. Click Upload. After you upload the .csv file, your orders will automatically be marked as shipped.

Note:  Please ensure that only the backer you have generated tracking numbers for are in the upload. If you upload backers who you do not have tracking numbers for, they will be automatically marked as fulfilled too.

Regardless of how orders were marked as fulfilled and tracking numbers assigned, you can send out notifications from BackerKit. To send out a tracking notification email which looks like this, click  on Shipped> Send Tracking Notifications

Please note, this process is not automatic and will require you to click on the Send Tracking Notifications button in order to send out the email to your backers. 

Mark Orders as Shipped for group of backers via Segments (without tracking number)

If you sent out orders without tracking you can use the segments tool to mark those backers as fulfilled:

  1. On the left sidebar, click Segments
  2. There are various ways you can filter backers, it depends on what information you have, but the best bet is always backer ID. Read more about how to create segments here.
  3. Once you determine how you are going to filter, save the segment
  4. Click Segment Actions
  5. Click Mark as Fulfilled
    1. This command will only work if the backers are in the Start Shipping bucket
    2. We do not recommend fulfilling to backers unless they are in the Start Shipping bucket, but if you did, you can also use the Force Mark as Fulfilled command to mark backers as fulfilled. Use Force Mark as Fulfilled with caution, once a backer is fulfilled with this segment action we can not revert their status.
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