What are Add-On items?

Add-on items are items that backers can purchase in addition to the items they receive for their pledge. Add-on items generate extra revenue for your campaign and allow your backers to buy additional items! On average, creators using BackerKit raise an additional 15-20% with add-on sales alone.

With the BackerKit survey you can showcase add-ons with 'Creator's Choice' badge or feature an item on your Pre-order store. Give backers the option to order more directly through their survey. You can also organize add-ons by category, offer new items once available, and highlight limited/exclusive items.

If a backer pledged extra funds during your campaign, they can use those funds to purchase add-on items when they fill out their survey.

You can customize the visibility of certain add-on items or charge different prices for add-on items depending on the backer’s pledge level or for the Pre-order Store. For more information, see Change Add-on Item Availability in the Getting Started Guide and Sell add-on items at different prices.

Pro Tip: We recommend setting up all of your items as add-on items using the Item Generator, even if you don’t intend to sell them individually.

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