BackerKit Postage: How do I use BackerKit Postage?

Buy postage and print labels for your shipments with BackerKit Postage.

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What is BackerKit Postage?

BackerKit Postage allows you to buy postage within BackerKit for all shipments delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS). BackerKit Postage integrates with EasyPost to provide you with commercial rates and a seamless shipping experience. Use the reporting tools in BackerKit to buy postage and create shipping labels for all your backers who have paid and are ready to ship–no external tools or exporting reports required.

Which shipping carriers can I use with BackerKit Postage?

At this time, BackerKit Postage can only be used with USPS (United States Postal Service).

Does BackerKit postage provide tracking numbers?

Most USPS shipping options provide tracking numbers. With BackerKit Postage, you and your backers can check the status of a package on the USPS website.

How can I send tracking numbers to my backers?

After you mail your items and mark your orders as shipped, you can have BackerKit send an email to your backers with a link to track their package. Click on Shipped under the Take Action Timeline.

Can I ship internationally with BackerKit Postage?

Print shipping labels for both domestic and international shipments with BackerKit postage.  When printing postage labels for International shipments with BK Postage, any relevant Customs Documents will also be printed. 

UPDATE (March 2023): HTS codes and descriptions are now required for International USPS shipments. From the SKUs page on your Dashboard, click 'Edit' and enter the 6+ digit HTS code and description for your items.

You can also bulk add HTS Codes to SKUs with many variants through the Item Generator - Click the name of the Item » Add customs information » Batch Apply HTS Description

Can I track my international packages?

The USPS provides tracking for a select group of countries. To learn more about international tracking with the USPS, visit the International Mail Manual on the USPS website.

Fulfilling International First-Class Packages/Mail

Most USPS packages are automatically marked as shipped when the labels for packages with tracking numbers are scanned. For packages without tracking numbers, you will need to mark orders as shipped manually. Click here to learn more about how to mark orders as shipped without tracking.

Which USPS shipping services can I use with BackerKit Postage?

Use the following domestic and international shipping services:

  • USPS CriticalMail
  • USPS Express
  • USPS First
  • USPS Priority
  • USPS ParcelSelect
  • USPS Express Mail International
  • USPS Priority Mail International
  • USPS First Class Package International Service

Which package types can I use?

BackerKit Postage works with most package types allowed by USPS. You can use your own shipping materials or those provided by USPS.

If you use your own shipping materials, you must provide the dimensions of the container. For more information about USPS package types, dimensions, and weights, see USPS Package Restrictions.

Learn more about USPS Medial Mail requirements.

What is a machinable package type?

The USPS classifies packages as machinable if they can be sorted using standard USPS equipment. Machinable packages save time for USPS and don’t incur additional fees.

All shipping materials provided by the USPS are machinable. To determine if your shipping material is machinable, refer to the following guidelines on the USPS website:

Risks: If your package is check marked machinable, and USPS deems the item is not, the package may be returned to you which may result in lost postage funds. Not all USPS classes can have postage refunded if the package is returned. 

Can I purchase shipping for poster tubes?

Purchase shipping for poster tubes and other irregular items:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Start Shipping.
  2. Select BackerKit Postage.
  3. On the 1. Initial Setup tab, click Create Package Types.
  4. Under Create a package type, uncheck the Machinable box.
  5. Under What kind of package is this, select USPS Standard Package and select Irregular Parcel in the list.
  6. Click Save.

Can I purchase shipping for regular envelopes?

To ship standard first-class mail in a regular envelope, purchase stamps from USPS. (Standard business No #10 envelopes)

Can I estimate how much packing material I’ll need?

Estimate the amount of packing material you need with the Package Group Counts report. This report provides the number of different order combinations your backers will receive. For example, 15 backers are getting 1 t-shirt and 1 sticker; 9 backers are getting 2 stickers.

To estimate how much packing material you’ll need for fulfillment:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Exports.
  2. Under Misc Reports, download the Package Group Counts report.

Pro tip: Generate the Package Group Counts report even if your backers aren’t marked as ‘ready to ship' to get a rough estimate of the number of different package groups so you can preorder shipping materials.

How do I estimate shipping costs?

To estimate shipping rates:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Start Shipping.
  2. Select BackerKit Postage.
  3. Follow the guide to provide details for your shipments.

You can also use the USPS Shipping Calculator on our website.

Can I purchase shipping for multiple packages at the same time?

Once your backers are marked as ‘ready to ship’, BackerKit automatically sorts all your backers into different ‘package groups’ based on the items they purchased.

Package groups allow you to purchase all shipping labels all at once for orders that contain the same items.

To generate a report of all your backers who are ready to ship

  1. On the menu on the left, click Exports.
  2. Under Misc Reports, download the Package Group report.
  3. Use the information in this report to purchase your shipping labels.

Note: Keep your package groups up to date by regenerating the Package Groups report. The report doesn’t update automatically as new backers are marked as ready to ship.  

Alternatively, you can create a segment with all of your backers and export the report from the Segments page. For more information, see How do I create a segment?

Can Purchased Postage be refunded (unused postage)?

Purchased Labels in BK Postage can be refunded as long as the label has not been scanned by USPS. However, there are a few instances when shipping can not be refunded after purchased: After you generate the SCAN form and when using USPS First Class.  'Refunded' labels, will be added as credit back to your credit balance.

Can I buy insurance?

Depending on your shipment type, USPS may provide insurance for your package included in the shipment price. For more information about the insurance provided by the USPS, visit the Insurance & Extra Services page and the International Mail Manual on the USPS website.

How do I print my shipping labels?

Print your shipping labels with your printer using white paper or label paper. Consider using a 4x6 label printer, such as the DYMO LabelWriter.

When should I print my shipping labels?

Purchase your shipping and print your labels when you’re ready to ship. Ideally, this is the date that you actually ship the items out.  Carriers will accept packages after this date, but how long after and if they will/won't accept the packages tends to vary from carrier to carrier. 

What are USPS SCAN Forms?

USPS Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notices (SCAN) forms allow USPS to scan all your outgoing packages for a day with one barcode. The mail carrier scans one barcode, rather than individually scanning each package, and all your shipments are marked as “accepted for shipment” by the USPS. SCAN forms increase the speed of your pickups.

How do I create USPS SCAN forms?

To create a SCAN form:

  1. On the menu on the left, click Start Shipping.
  2. Select BackerKit Postage.
  3. Click the Print & Ship tab.
  4. For each batch of labels you printed, click Generate SCAN Form.
  5. Print the form and provide it to your mail carrier.

Note: After you generate the SCAN form postage purchases are nonrefundable.

Can the USPS pick up my packages?

Schedule a pick-up with the USPS to avoid going to the post office.

Does BackerKit Postage Cost anything?

BackerKit does charge 10% of all shipments made through BackerKit Postage. For example, if you purchase and ship out labels equal to $100 in postage, BackerKit will add $10 to the shipping price.

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