How do I apply the incentives I offered through BackerKit Launch?

If you offered incentives in your landing page or through an email campaign, you will need to reflect your incentives in your BackerKit project. Incentives will be reflected in the backer’s survey.

First look in the Launch Dashboard:

  1. If you offered an incentive for folks who signed up to your landing page, select "Landing Pages" at the top. 
  2. Click on the number of leads under "Leads Collected" and then click that number again. 
  3. In the top right, you can click "Actions" and select Export list to download the CSV.  OR
  4. If you offered the incentive through an email campaign, go to "Email Campaigns" at the top and click on the title of the email that offered the incentive.
  5. View the results page of the email campaign and click into the total listed under "Clicked"
  6. You will see the committed members, click the Actions drop down and select Export list to download the CSV.

Then in your BackerKit Dashboard:

  1. Go to Segment
  2. Click Create a New Segment
  3. Name the segment
  4. Choose Filter, and click Backer with emails
  5. Copy and paste the emails from the CSV downloaded from Launch
  6. Click Filter Backers then apply any other needed filters (such as "pledged more than X" or "in these pledge levels" etc.)
  7. Click Save This Segment and then click on the Segment Actions tab
  8. Assign Complimentary Credit (BackerKit Credit $) or Manually Add an Item (free item)

How to find your first 48 Hour Backers

If you don't already have a list of your first 48 hour backers, you can use BackerKit's Segments and Export Reports feature to locate them. 
  1. Create a Segment of all backers by using the filter >> "In these pledge levels" and select all pledge levels. If the free item is physical, we recommend only selecting physical tiers as to not add physical items to Digital Only or No Reward tiers. 
From the Segment >> Click 'Export Reports', download  SKU per Column, which will have a column for Pledged At with timestamp. Copy all email addresses from that first 48 hour window and use the same steps above to create a segment based on backer email addresses.
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