How do I apply the incentives I offered through my email campaign?

If you offered incentives in your email campaign, you will need to reflect your incentives in your BackerKit project. Incentives will be reflected in the backer’s survey.

First look in the Launch Dashboard:
  1. View the results page of the email campaign that mentions the incentive
  2. Click into the number under “Responded” in the Total line
  3. You will see the committed members, click the Actions drop down and “Export list”

Then in your BackerKit Dashboard

  1. Go to your BackerKit project dashboard and click on “Segment” on the sidebar
  2. Click “Create a New Segment”
  3. Name the segment
  4. Choose Filter, click “Backer with emails”
  5. Copy and paste the emails you export in Step 3
  6. Click “Filter Backers” then “Save This Segment”
  7. Click on “Segment Actions” tab
  8. Assign Complimentary Credit (BackerKit Credit $) or Manually Add an Item (free item)

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