Options for charging shipping in BackerKit

Didn't collect shipping during your campaign but need to collect this from your backers in BackerKit?

We have a couple options to achieve this:

Option 1: Flat pledge level shipping + add-on shipping profiles
This is best for creators that want to charge a flat rate for the pledge tier rewards and then create additional fees for any add-ons purchased. This gives creators the capability to get as granular as you need for your project. This is a big advantage if your campaign has items of all different sizes/shipping classes and you need to set specific rates for specific items. 
Example: You may want to create a unique shipping profile to handle books (media mail rates) and a separate profile to handle all other items that don't qualify for media mail or need to be charged a different shipping rate.
You can set your pledge level shipping fee up in bulk using our batch edit tool: 
  1. On the menu on the left, click on Review Pledge Levels
  2. At the top right corner of the screen, click the Batch Edit link.
  3. Then click on the Pledge level shipping fees tab
  4. To set up a new shipping fee, click Add New Shipping Fee or Add EU Shipping Fees and enter in the fees
  5. Under Select the pledge levels that you want to apply the shipping fees to, select the pledge levels for this shipping fee
  6. Click Apply

Please note: You can also add/edit shipping on individual pledge levels by clicking on "Edit Details" on the Review Setup Page.

You can then set up add-ons shipping profiles to account for your add-on. You can learn more about the different types of add-ons shipping profiles here
Option 2: Whole order shipping (BETA)
This is best for creators that already know the weights of their items and want to charge a single fee for the total weight of a backers order (pledge level rewards + add-ons). The whole order shipping profile will also apply to pre-order items. 
Our whole order BETA feature is a weight based profile that calculates the shipping fee based off the total weight of pledge level rewards & any add-ons in their order. You would set up a weight based shipping table with all of the weight ranges and fees per region. 
It would look something like this:
Please note, if whole order shipping is enabled, it will be the only shipping profile that will apply to your project. The whole order shipping table has an umbrella effect that will apply to every item in the backers order.
If whole order shipping sounds like a fit, please reach out to your success representative to get this enabled. 
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