Benefits of having a Backer Account in BackerKit

Stay connected, keep track, discover more.

A BackerKit Backer Account gives you one friendly place to connect the campaigns you support, manage surveys, and find awesome new creators.

Why having a Backer Account is awesome!

It gives you one place to connect to all the campaigns you support that use BackerKit.

  • Track progress and get updates as campaigns develop and deliver.
  • Make life easier for creators by keeping your info up to date 
  • Explore more - Learn about the latest and greatest campaigns based on your interests.
  • Never miss out on helping new ideas come to life -- follow the BackerKit blog, receive our newsletter, and keep tabs on your favorite creators to see the latest campaigns as soon as they launch.
  • Manage your shipping information.
    • Update your shipping address in your account, and it will update the address for any unlocked surveys!
  • Manage your payment information.

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