Exports: Fulfillment Exports

One of the fulfillment options is downloading fulfillment exports from your BackerKit. These exports will work with most fulfillment centers, and can also be used if you're planning fulfillment in-house.

Fulfillment Exports

SKU per Column, SKU per Line, and SKU and Quantity Listed and Alphabetical Order are the most commonly requested formats by fulfillment companies. If we do not already have an integration or a specific export for your fulfillment partner, you can ask them which of these three formats will work. 

SKU Per Column

All SKUs listed per column for each backer (a total of one line for each backer showing different quantities in the relevant SKU columns). 

Although this would have much more information on it than the simplified example below, you can check this out for reference:

SKU Per Line

SKUs broken down per line for each backer (multiples lines in the export for a single backer based on each individual SKU they may be receiving).

SKU and Quantity Listed in Alphabetical Order

SKU and Quantity are listed dynamically for each backer. Each backer has one line on the export, with a list of the items they're getting plus quantities.

Check out this help article for all of the export reports available in BackerKit. 

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