Fulfillment FAQs

When does the tracking number show up for the order in BackerKit? 

If using BackerKit Postage, the tracking number is added to orders immediately. Once it’s scanned by the shipping courier, USPS, the location of the package will be updated. The backer may need to wait a few days for shipping updates to show up.  

If using a Fulfillment Integration, (e.g. Shopify, EasyShip, or ShipStation) the tracking number is available on the backer’s order as soon as the postage label is purchased outside of BackerKit.

If you send tracking notifications via BackerKit, there may be a 24-hour delay with data syncing between your fulfillment integration and BackerKit. The backer will need to refer to their tracking URL, linked in their survey, for their shipment location. 

If manually fulfilled via a Fulfillment Export, you can upload tracking numbers and as soon as the upload is complete, tracking numbers can be found on backer orders. 

You can locate the tracking number, go to the Backers page on the left sidebar and search for the backer using their name or email, click the backer’s profile page, and clicking into the Packages tab. 

How do I send backers a tracking notification email?

If using BackerKit Postage, you can send out tracking notification emails via the Shipped state on the Take Action Timeline.

If using a Fulfillment Integration, you can either choose to send tracking number emails directly through the fulfillment service (e.g. Shopify) or you can send it via BackerKit using the Shipped state on the Take Action Timeline. To determine whether your 3PL can send out tracking notifications to backers, please consult with them directly. 

If manually fulfilled via a Fulfillment Export, you can upload tracking numbers into BackerKit and queue tracking emails. To send tracking notifications, click on the Shipped state on the Take Action Timeline


What is the process for getting a VAT number?

Please consult with a certified tax professional on how to obtain a VAT number. When available, you can add the VAT number for your project using the Tax Rules feature. 

I am using a shipping integration, how often is information synced to BackerKit about order statuses? 

Order status is synced between BackerKit and a fulfillment integration of your choice once a day. You can force-update using the Fulfillment page to expedite this process. 

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