Overview: Pledge Levels

Learn about pledge levels and how to customize your pledge levels in BackerKit.

What are pledge levels?

Pledge levels are the reward tiers, known as perks on Indiegogo, offered to backers during your campaign.

How do I populate my pledge levels?

When you use the Item Generator to create your items that you're giving to your backers, you can automatically assign the items to one or more pledge levels. You can even sell those same items as add-on items or in your pre-order store.

For more information, see How do I set up items in BackerKit?

Can I let my backers switch pledge levels?

Yes, your backers can switch pledge levels and BackerKit will help you collect payment for any additional funds your backers owe.

For more information, see Can I change the settings for all my pledge levels? and How do I change a backers pledge level?

How do I charge shipping fees for each of my pledge levels?

You can charge different shipping fees for each pledge level, and you can even customize your shipping fees for different parts of the world.

For more information, see Add shipping fees.

How do I edit important pledge level info? 

You can edit your pledge level information to display critical information to your backers. The important pledge level information is shown at the beginning of the survey & throughout the survey.

To edit your important pledge level information: Click into "Review Pledge Levels">> select "Edit details" for pledge tiers you want to edit important pledge level information: 

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