How do I change a backer's email address?

Please Note: Backers requesting to edit the email address associated with their BackerKit Backer account will need to contact Backer Support directly through any survey through the 'Need Help?' link. 

How to Change a Backer's Email Address:

If a backer no longer has access to their email address or wishes to use a different email address, you can change their email address on their order page. 

1) Locate the backer's order.
Search for the backer by their name, email address, or pledge ID using the search bar at the top of the page. Pro tip: You can also search for backers under the Backers option on the left menu. 

2) Edit the existing email.
Click the pencil and Edit link next to the existing email address. 

3) Enter a new email address for the backer.

4) Click Save.

5) Click Invite or Resend Survey to send the survey link to the backer's new email address after the edit has been made. This way they will receive the survey invite email to the correct email address. 

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