How to use Launch Party

There are only so many big moments in a project, and letting your backers be a part of them is the best way to get the most out of those moments. Launch Party provides a space to channel that big moment energy between the backer, the project creator, and other backers around a project launch.


What is Launch Party?

  • It's a publicly accessible pre-launch page that backers can hang out right before launch.
  • There's can be a countdown timer that let’s them know how close it is to launch.
  • Embed a live stream to interact with fans before launch time to share exciting updates.
  • Let backers get involved by highlighting polls, achievements, updates, and discussions.
  • Visitors can get themselves ready to pledge on day 1 by creating a BackerKit account.

Why you should consider hosting a Launch Party:

  • You are planning on streaming before or through their launch
  • You want to gather feedback pre-launch
  • You want to keep your product offerings under wraps until launch
  • You have highly coveted limited items

Who can use Launch Party?

Anyone launching on BackerKit Crowdfunding can enable a Launch Party page

When should I use Launch Party?

You can publish your Launch Party page whenever you are ready to share your upcoming project with your audience. You can even host live streams a few weeks before launch day if you want to run multiple streams before you launch. We recommend hosting a live stream on your on launch day to get your backers ready to pledge the moment your project goes live.

How do I enable the countdown timer?

In order to set a Scheduled Launch Date, you will need to have your project approved by our team. The countdown time will be enabled when that launch date and time are set.

How can I get my project to appear in the "Participate Before Launch" section on the homepage?

You will need to have your project approved by our team and have a countdown timer set.

What happens when the countdown timer reaches 0?

When the scheduled launch date/time is reached, the page will automatically redirect to your project page, and backers will be able to start pledging. Any future visits to the Launch Party page will be redirected to the project page. Your live stream will continue on the project page.

Latest from Creator: Your most recent updates and discussions will appear on the right hand side underneath the header section. To fill this space, please have an update or discussion before enabling your Launch Party.

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