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What is BackerKit? How can you help me?

Before and during your campaign, you can sign up for BackerKit Launch for free to test the strength of your email list as you work on it. Our software is able to see who on your email list already have Kickstarter accounts, which will make them more likely to pledge, and for $99 you can send unlimited targeted emails before and during launch. Once you've launched, you'll be able to see in real-time who's pledged and retarget those who haven't.

After your campaign ends, BackerKit works with you to

You can read more about all that we do here.

BackerKit survey demo

You can go through a demo of our survey here where you will see it's like an e-commerce check-out experience.

Do I need to apply for BackerKit's pledge management service?

No, there is no application process. You can sign up once your campaign is live here.

Sign up for BackerKit’s pledge management service

We're happy to have you on board!

What's next?

  • You can create your account here once your campaign is live
  • Complete the steps on the sidebar. Make sure to use the Item Generator to configure all your reward and add-on items. It will create your items (also referred to as SKUs), pledge questions, and add-ons in one go to save time. You can view a Tutorial Video on the Item Generator.
  • Read and bookmark the Getting Started Guide for step-by-step instructions on setting up your project in BackerKit. This will be your guide to getting your project up and running and sending out surveys to your backers in no time!
  • Last step before getting surveys out is the Setup Review - this will be triggered by completing every step on the sidebar and may take a day or two, so make sure to plan that into your timeline. A member of our team will go through your setup and send back any questions or recommendations before your project goes live in BackerKit.
Coupon codes

BackerKit allows you to use coupon codes. You can read more about it here.


Charging shipping after my campaign through BackerKit

Yes, you can charge shipping after your campaign, and we recommend it. We offer a variety of ways to charge for shipping, you can read more here.

Calculating taxes/VAT

In BackerKit, you have the option to set up a tax rate, this is entirely up to you and your needs. We are not accountants and cannot give tax advice, but if you want to set this up we do provide the tools.

If this is something you are going to be using, it is important to make sure that backers know they will be responsible for tax in BackerKit, this helps alleviate confusion and frustration for backers.

Calculating shipping costs

We don't estimate shipping costs as we are not a fulfillment company, that is something you'll have to do on your own or with a fulfillment company. If you're unsure where to start, here are our partners.

BackerKit Postage is a self-service option if you're shipping yourself from the USA. Everything around shipping is managed within BackerKit (buying postage, setting up packages groups, printing labels, etc.) and you can use USPS's Shipping Calculator from within BackerKit. This tends to be the most seamless option if you are fulfilling in-house. You can learn more about BackerKit Postage here.

If you're not using it, you'll have to plug in your own numbers into our system, and then shipping costs will be automatically calculated for your backers.

You can read more about shipping here.

Is BackerKit a fulfillment center? Can BackerKit pack and ship my rewards?

We are not a fulfillment center, but we do offer BackerKit Postage as a self-service option if you're shipping yourself from the USA. Everything around shipping is managed within BackerKit (buying postage, setting up packages groups, printing labels, etc.) and you can use USPS's Shipping Calculator from within BackerKit. This tends to be the most seamless option if you are fulfilling in-house. You can learn more about BackerKit Postage here.

We also have direct integrations with many fulfillment companies and a variety of exports for those we don't have integrations with. You can read more here. Additionally, if a fulfillment company you're using is on Shopify, you can use the Shopify integration to push from BackerKit > Shopify > fulfillment software.

Digital rewards distribution

Yes, you can easily distribute digital rewards with BackerKit. You can read an overview here and in more detail here.


BackerKit’s pledge manager

You can find BackerKit’s pledge management pricing on our pricing page.

What is the campaign fee?

The campaign fee is how much you've raised once the campaign ends, the number that is on your Kickstarter or Indiegogo page.

What is the transactional fee?

The transactional fee is based on any funds raised through BackerKit such as add-ons, pre-orders, shipping, etc.

BackerKit Launch

It is free to sign up and get powerful data on your backer list. If you would like to send email campaigns to your list, there is a $99 activation fee per project. No email limitations or other fees.

First-time creators

Buying an email list

BackerKit does not sell email lists, and we strongly suggest you build your own email list instead. Purchasing lists does not work for crowdfunding as the people on those lists often don't know what crowdfunding is and they didn't sign up for your list in the first place.

Buying an email list has very poor effects because

  • You'll violate GDPR
  • You will have a very low open and conversion rate
  • If your email is marked as spam too many times, it'll affect your deliverability (meaning you can't send more emails), and this is likely because none of the people will have consented to signing up for your email list
  • It doesn't constitute actual interest and engagement with your project, which can only be achieved through organic email list building
Building an email list

You can check our resources on building your email list:

Can I launch on Kickstarter and Indiegogo at the same time? How do I choose a crowdfunding platform?

There are successful projects on both platforms but creators typically don't run on both at the same time. After Kickstarter campaigns finish, some creators will open an Indiegogo InDemand campaign which is basically a pre-order store, but it's not at the same time as the live campaign.

The reason it's best to choose one platform is because

  • You're splitting the amount of backers / funding you're getting, making it less likely that either project funds, rather than driving everyone to the same project
  • Since both projects will have lower funding, fewer backers will see the projects through organic means
  • Your marketing won't be as effective because you have to split time between two projects and strategies
  • It's easier for backers to have one campaign to look at than two
  • A big reason backers back projects is because they want to be early and feel special. Having your campaign on both platforms takes away this "special" feeling and makes it feel more impersonal
  • It's a bigger investment on your end for lower results
  • Fulfillment will be a logistical nightmare because you'll have two separate platforms, two separate lists of backers (and within each will already be a lot of variation), different ways of fulfilling, etc.
  • Each platform has different rules, so you have to adjust to their needs

It's up to you to decide which is the best fit for you, you can read our blog post and do additional research online to see what others say.


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  • Watch our webinars on topics ranging from shipping and fulfillment to performance marketing secrets
  • Read our blog full of crowdfunding resources for every phase of the campaign
  • If you're a creator that needs help setting up your project, check out our help docs
  • If you're a backer, find your survey here
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