Late Pledges (Preorder Store Alternative) (beta)

What is it?

The Late Pledge Pre-Order Store option allows backers who missed the original campaign, to commit to pledge levels instead of bringing them to a Pre-Order Store with all of your add-ons items to be purchased a la carte. You can set up new late pledge levels or choose existing pledge levels to be available for Late Pledging.

Backers who visit the Late Pledge Pre-Order Store will be able to submit their email address and select the pledge level that they would like to pledge for. When it’s time to send out surveys, both campaign backers and pre-order backers will receive a survey to complete their order. If your project is already live and surveys have been sent, pre-order backers will be taken directly to their survey. 

The Late Pledge Pre-Order Store will look like this:

What are the common use cases? 

  1. I want to provide the same survey experience for my pre-order backers as my campaign backers. 
  2. I want to give pre-orders backers a ‘survey’ so they have the ability to edit their order anytime until I lock down orders. 
  3. I don’t want to create a separate set of add-ons just for the pre-order store, setting up my pre-order store this way will save time and effort when setting up. 
  4. I think offering pledge levels with bundled items will be a better backer experience than selling my items a la carte.

How can I enable it for my project?

Please reach out to your Success Rep or email us at to discuss if this feature is a good fit for your specific use case. 

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