Auto-Lock and Charge (beta)

What is it?

With the auto-lock and charge feature, backer’s orders (survey or pre-order) are immediately locked and then charged. 

When enabled, survey backers will lose the ability to edit their order once it is confirmed, we recommend using this feature with caution for this reason. Pre-order backers traditionally cannot edit their order so the experience does not change for those backers. The only difference for pre-order backers is the charging timeline, traditionally pre-orders are charged when project creators decide to charge cards. 

When enabled, editing orders for backers (survey and pre-order) is an admin-only action. For how to edit orders on behalf of backers, please check out this help article: How do I edit survey answers for backers?

What are the common use cases? 

  1. I want to lock and charge orders (survey and pre-orders) immediately rather than waiting to charge in bulk.  

How can I enable it for my project?

Please reach out to your Success rep or to discuss if this feature is a good fit for your specific use case. 

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