The Poster Problem (beta)

What is it? 

While we call this feature “The Poster Problem” because it first arose when creators were trying to ship long, light posters along with other regularly shaped items, it can be used for any item(s) that don’t follow the same rules as your standard weight based shipping fees.

When enabled, you will have the ability to set up two whole order shipping profiles. The first shipping profile will be used for all items that share the same weight based shipping fees/rules. The second shipping profile will be used for the poster (or other odd sized item) that needs to have its own shipping rules.

When enabled, the 2nd shipping profile will be a whole order weight based profile. Since the only weight based profile is supported at this time, if you need to collect a per-item fee for the ‘poster item’, you can set up the weight based profile in the following format. 

For this example, let’s say that the weight of the ‘poster item’ is 10oz and it costs $10 to ship to US backers. The shipping table for US backers would be: 

  • 0oz - 10oz at $10
  • 10oz - 20oz at $20
  • 20oz - 30oz at $30
  • 30oz to infinity is $40

What are the common use cases? 

  1. All but one item (usually a poster or other odd sized item) in my project have the same shipping rules and I need to charge extra for the poster. 

How can I enable it for my project?

Please reach out to your Success rep or to discuss if this feature is a good fit for your specific use case. 

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