Custom Messaging via Segments (beta)

What is it?

The custom messaging in app via segment feature will enable you to send a custom message to a group of backers via segment. 

When used, it will send out the survey link with a copy of the custom message (see image below). No formatting or analytics are supported at this time. If you need a more robust messaging tool with open/click rates, please consider using a 3rd party service, such as Mailchimp. 

What are the common use cases? 

  1. I am no longer able to offer a product option that backers have selected on their survey and I need to make a different selection. 
  2. I need to charge additional funds for specific backers and I need to notify these backers rather than posting a project update. 

How can I enable it for my project?

Please reach out to your Success rep or to discuss if this feature is a good fit for your specific use case. 

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