What are survey questions (pledge questions)?

Survey questions are designed to gather more information from backers about their pledge rewards or for informational purposes. For more information about surveys, see Overview: Surveys.

The most common type of survey question allows your backers to pick the exact item they want from the options you provide, such as different size or color combinations. Think of enamel pins, or t-shirts where a backer needs to choose their design or size. 

The best way to set up survey questions is with the Item Generator ("Set Up Items" under Step 2. Build on your dashboard). The Item Generator is a one-stop-shop where you can create your items with their respective SKUs and BackerKit will automatically create Pledge Questions if your items have variants (size/color/design/etc).

If you want to ask more detailed, open-ended questions or need text-based answers from your backers, such as their name for Thank You Credits or Discord handle, you can use a free-form question. Free-form survey questions allow you to gather additional information from your backers. For more information, see  How do I gather additional information from my backers?

Pledge questions that you don't have to create:

"What is your shipping address?"
Your backers will automatically be asked for their shipping address in the survey unless otherwise specified on the Pledge Level page.

Note: You don’t need to set up a survey question to collect shipping information from your backers. BackerKit automatically collects shipping details from each backer.

"Did you pledged more for add-ons during the campaign? List the add-ons here!"
You will not need to ask this question because this is handled with the add-on feature. Learn how to setup Kickstarter Add-ons here.

"What is your email address?"
Backer email addresses are automatically imported into BackerKit from your crowdfunding platform. Email addresses will be listed on the majority of export reports used for production and fulfillment purposes.  

Note: Kickstarter allows backers to pledge with their Apple ID account, and a hidden private email address may import into BackerKit. Learn about Apple ID email addresses here and how to update email addresses on backer surveys here.

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